Friday, August 16, 2013

ATHENA - Steampunk airship (102)

Thanks guys!

with the first section more or less complete I thought about if, where and what kind of freehand to add to the ship.
There is already the large "Vade Retro Xenos" window mural in the back and Athena herself on the back of the superstructure wall.
Also I was thinking what kind of freehand to add. On the ZEUS I had several different freehand with mixed topic and styles. 
But I think for the ATHENA I will try to limit the topics to Athene herself.

One obvious spot for a large freehand is the top of the MOROS triple Earthshaker turret.
Most images of Athena one can find on the Internet show her standing gracefully, with her Owl and a spear in her hand. Since I already have a similar image for the rear wall mural, I was looking for a more combat-style image.
I found an image on by Paul Renaud ( ) in which her pose seemed just right.
So I drew a quick pencil sketch onto the MOROS roof.
Then I started with Bubonic Brown as base color for the gold
A kind of fiery background
Grey as base for her hair.
And then I started with the face. Since its framed by the helmet it is hard to get a really good look.
But I think I managed a decent result...
After that I did some cleanup and added another layer of Bubonic for the gold areas
Then I added shadows and highlights to the gold.
And since I needed a slogan as well as I wasn't really happy with the chest area, I added a parchment with the slogan "Imperator misit me!" - The Emperor sent me.
Since it was still very brightly colored and comic-styled I added a thorough layer of Devlan Mud and some Badab Black
And this is how it looks on the ATHENA

So, what do you think?
Also, if you have some idle moments, help me identify spots that can do with a freehand :)