Monday, August 12, 2013

ATHENA - Steampunk airship (99)

Hi guys,
I'm a bit behind on posting updates, so today you'll get two :)

My shoulder troubles are back, so progress was slower than normal, but the last things to do on the ATHENA was rivets. So this is easy work and I did about 100 per evening :P
Here you can see my stock of 2mm rivets.
Since riveting is a rather boring work, I slipped a bit of character creation in between. In the early stages of the aircraft carrier build someone suggested to have two crewmen playing golf on the deck. I never forgot that suggestion :)
While the GS cured I added more rivets.
And here it is:
The last rivet position
and the last rivet!
The ATHENA is now officially finished :)
But the model needs some live on it.
So here a the little sub-dioramas:
The golf players
The STRIX/Nighthawk with crew
Sir Horace and his entourage
One of the AA gunners
Reloading the KERES rocket launcher
Paint detail 1
Communications officer at the signal light
Ground crew for the STRIX
Paint detail 2

And then it was time to mask all the windows and other openings

After this I prepared for painting (next update).