Thursday, July 27, 2017

An Update

Hi all,

well I'm amazed if anyone is still here reading, but hopefully I can recapture my audience.
As some of you know I'm diagnosed with relapsing depression. It's not quite as bad as manic-depressive, but still a bite to chew.
I can usually keep it in check nicely by listening carefully to my mind and body and taking enough time for myself. The creative hobbies do help a lot, but sometimes they can also be the initiator of another depressive phase.
This is usually heralded by a boost of creativity and a frenzy of building, drawing, sculpting and the like. And then...
Just a blank mind, no initiative, no fun, no colors.

If I (or my family) catch the signals in time there are ways to hold the depression in check and get back to a normal behaviour.
If not, well that's the longer route out and in especially tough cases some medication is needed.

In March I slipped into another depressive phase, which wasn't heralded as clearly as usual and so we missed the signs. Luckily it wasn't a deep depression, but it "took the wind out of my sails".
At the time is was working on Allayah and her Fire-Lizards.
Unfortunately it was a lot of GreenStuff work, so I could only do a little at a time and then had to let it cure. This piecemeal work didn't really help me and so she gathered dust on my desk.
As so often I switched to computer games to keep me occupied.
Then a few weeks back I felt a first hobby twitch.
I looked at the air assault scene with the Hermes Air Assault (which I worked on last year in July last).
I started to do some improvements and reworked the scene, but it didn't really captivate me.
And then finally on July 8th the hobby urge was back!
With the help of my cats (this is Ben) I got to work on a new project.
Since I wasn't sure if I would get anywhere I did make photos, but I didn't post anything.
Now, 3 weeks later the project developed to a stage where I can share - and even if I should not finish it, it will hopefully entertain you and provide some inspiration and maybe some new ideas for you.
It is called THANATOS Atmospheric Assault Carrier :)
It's a pimped version of the HERMES - with some new ideas and twists.
We'll see how far I'll get.
I hope to have you with me on this little trip.