Friday, July 28, 2017


Thank you all for the positive feedback and messages!
I really appreciate your comments and messages - THANK YOU for your support.

Well, here is part 2 of the build process so far and it covers the steps from 17. July to 24. July.
I had to mix some GreenStuff for the end of the Volcano Cannon and some other pieces anyway, so I used the remainder to quickly shape the cushions for the seats.
While the GS cured I built the gunner position for the turret.
I think it's a nice amount of detail,
for the gunner
and the turret interior.
I also began detailing the turret roof, starting with the hatches.
This is how it would look on the THANATOS.
With the gunners position done I built the pilots positions.
From the taped area you can see that I plan to use HUD (Head Up Displays).
Not sure if it's going to be visible at all...
But I tried :D
With this part of the interior done, I decided to work on the outer engines.
They are pretty much what I already used for the HERMES - just a bit bigger.
In addition to the outer engines I need the landing gear. For this I cut the base first.
Then the pistons to it.
And the landing gear in position together with the outer engines.
This is as far as I got to July 24.
2 weeks of work :)
So what do you think?
Let me know and send some feedback, ideas and suggestions my way.