Thursday, June 14, 2018

In the Dragons Den (2)

Hi all,
based on feedback from the various forums I decided to give her some clothes 😉
The sculpting of the clothes happened without a real plan
and she quickly got a pirate-ish look.
I actually like it and can totally see her wearing some high boots.
Right now I think I have several options with her.
I could continue the fantasy Pirate/Rouge/Thief path or head in a more Steampunk-ish direction.
As you can see in this last image I plan to have some (rays of moon) light to come through the holes in the ceiling, but additionally the dragons eyes (and maybe nostrils) will provide a glow in the dark.
The wall on the left could potentially be a painted background again providing the illusion of a longer hall with more columns occasionally lit by rays of moonlight...
So our heroine will have a torch/flashlight/lantern to provide the main OSL light source.
I love the suggestion of a "dragonette" or Fire Lizard on her arm or shoulder, which could be the reason the dragon is not immediately attacking...
But since she'll be pretty much in the position and pose as in the last image, I'm not sure how to incorporate it...
UNLESS she has her sword or rapier sheathed and carries the light in her right hand, balancing the Fire Lizard on her left forearm...

So some ideas to throw around and tinker with.
I look forward to your feedback and ideas 😀