Friday, June 15, 2018

In the Dragons Den (3)

Hi all,
last night I decided to head down the Steampunk route.
So she got some high boots - note the actual "shoe" is still WIP
Belts and accessories
With cogs and stuff.
Too bad that the front will hardly be visible in the end...
I'm still not 100% sure how this scene will develop. This time I just let it flow, no real plan, just flying be the seat of my pants, following intuition 😀

Since I'm now on the steampunk path, I will give her a lantern/flashlight in the left hand - probably a lantern, as a flashlight doesn't give the (OSL) required all around light needed for the scene.
She'll most likely get a holstered pistol, and a drawn rapier in her right hand.
I don't want to abandon the idea of a companion or Fire Lizard. But since I can't have it sitting on her arm I'm thinking about adding a mechanical beast.
A mechanical dragon (thus clearly showing it belongs to her) that already lumbered past and is now startled by the growling of the real dragon and whips his head around to look back...

What do you think?