Wednesday, June 13, 2018

In the Dragons Den

Hi all,

I did continue a bit with "The Guardian" and laid down the foundational colors for her.
But then I got in doubt on how to proceed - especially with the background. 
Currently I have the feeling that too much of the background is blocked and that I may have to widen the box and thus the opening far maybe a centimeter or two...
I'm undecided.

So that put a stop to the project and I was doodling around, playing PC games and working in the garden instead.
But the itch is there, just not for "The Guardian" - yeah, been there, done that. I know, I know.

And when I don't know what to do, I do what I usually do ;)

For a while I wanted to do a scene based on Michael Whelan's "Filed Teeth"
So I started to sculpt a dragons head.
I always enjoy working on these creatures.
So many options and ways to do a dragon.
I decided to give him a menacing frown.
At least on one side - Elvis anyone?
And to make things more fun he got some more spikes (made from GreenStuff)
And scales
Once he was fired and the rough corners brushed off, I started with the arms
I'm aiming for a similar pose as in Whelan's image
But since I won't have room for the wings I decided to add his tail
To provide a sense of size for the beast
I still have to detail the paws with GreenStuff
After he was fired I started to work on the den
And I created two columns from Stewalin
Again to emphasize his size
So here he is - BTW, no name yet...any ideas? - sneering at the intruder
Ah yes. I have another Hasslefree "Female Armature"
But she's way to skinny for my taste. I'd like her to be more Frazetta-esk, like in this image
So I began to bulk he up with some more GreenStuff
And this is as far as I got over the course of the last two weeks.
So what do you think?
I'm also thinking about her carrying a sword in the right hand - but what about the left? A shield, or rather a torch?
Almost naked like on the Frazetta image or in leathers?
I look forward to your suggestions and feedback.
Thank you!