Wednesday, July 4, 2018

In the Dragons Den (6)

Hi all,

despite a digestive virus I have been busy for the last few days :)

The legs of the Meacha Dragon were a bit troublesome and so I did several sketches before I was pleased with the design.
This is the start of a rear leg
and the corresponding front legs
I also added tubes and cables to the body - they won't be visible in the end, but we all know they are there ;)
A posing test...
And the first completed foot
I want to picture him in mid-stride
Next were scales...
Looks more like a hedge-hog :(
So I rather went for standard steel plating
Lots of angles to cut
But rivets make it look good :D
And so I continued for several days to build the plating
As you can see here I decided to sculpt the tail rather than cutting tons of tiny pieces
It took me three days to build a decent mechanical head
I was so frustrated in between that I didn't take any process images. 
And most of it won't be visible *sigh*
I think he looks sufficiently surprised :D
Finally I added some small armour plates to the legs
The plates add a bit of volume
And make it look more balanced
A last look at the cables *bye bye*
And so I finalized the big boy - you may notice that I broke off one of the claws and I will have to clean this mess up today.
Yep, pleased with him!
The lady got her equipment completed too, with swinging hair
and the obligatory goggles
And the finished mecha dragon
Stupid facial expression ;)
So now I have to think about re-arranging and re-designing the scene
Do I have to make the back wall wider?
I want much of the scene itself to be in "pitch dark", so I'm unsure if I have to extend the rear wall in both directions to generate this...
What do you think?
Ideas, suggestions?
I look forward to your C&C