Tuesday, July 10, 2018

In the Dragons Den (8)

Hi all,

with the last update I positioned Lady Tiber for the first time without the cork.
And compared to the previous shots this made a huge difference and Vahidra at the Bemalforum pointed out that she is now getting almost lost in the scene...
So I was wondering how I could position her higher and more in focus.
My first attempt was a set of stairs - in the same angle as the the columns
But with Lady Tiber on it, that doesn't work (at least not without a major re-sculpting)

Next I tried a piece of column

This looks better, so I added rubble around and now it looks as if she's just climbing over the rubble

Assuming that her companion already crossed the obstacle

and is now surprised by the dragon's growl.

Finally I fixed the backdrop and added some more coins and stuff :)

This pretty much completes the built :)
So what do you think? Suggestions or improvements?
I look forward to your feedback