Friday, July 6, 2018

In the Dragons Den (7)

Hi all,

Since I wasn't sure of the scene layout, I did some re-arranging.

First I looked at re-positioning on a wider board.
But that didn't improve either, so I rather decided to use the original board, but angle the scene.
With this set-up I have enough space behind the dragon to keep it really in the dark, while casting a bit of light onto the columns.
This looks better now and frees me from simulating depth to the side via painting.

Pleased with the set-up I started to build the dragon's "stash"
And spent an hour of more sculpting the floor plates from GreenStuff...
Once the GreenStuff was cured I began to "flesh out" the stash, adding old swords, armour, shields and a few bones, plus lots of (gold) coins.
This starts to look like a good dragons stash :)
And depending on the angle of view, one can even see bits of the Lady's front.
I'm pretty pleased how the scene developed :)
I look forward to your comments and suggestions.