Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Hi all,
thank you for the feedback, comments and suggestions!

Since the last update I added metal grilles to the storage compartments.
And as some of you pointed out, I forgot to add footing to the ramp. So I added these plastic strips.
With the updated ramp and storage grilles it is pretty much done :)
So it was time to look at the actual scene.
My intention is to do another painted background to give the scene more depth
And to make it more interesting I also added some height to it.
The scene will be an observation post on a ridge line over a valley
I think this will look pretty cool....hopefully
To flesh out the observation post I added two walls - one looking like regular masonry and one like pored concrete
Even though the vehicles will obscure most of the walls
The actual observation post will be a simple two story pillbox with some sensors and stuff on the roof
With a whole load of plaster :)
I think this gives the scene quite some depth
Here's a quick photoshop preview of what I imagine...
So what do you think?