Friday, January 11, 2019


Hi all,
thank you all for the feedback and comments.

Some of you have pointed out, that the low reaching side doors are a hazard - especially in an armored assault, where the ALALA would potentially still be rolling and the doors already open for exiting troops.
Even though from the layout the main troop exit would be the rear ramp and the side doors are more for the gunner, commander and driver I do see the point, so...

"It's only a little cut" the doctor said :D
Actually I do like the new look of the door
Once the doors were done I added access panels to the storage compartments
and the headlights.
That evening I also added the rear and secondary lights.
The next evening I added sights and sensors
Including a sight for the driver in case the armor shutters are closed
Rear sights
Antennae - they are not glued in place yet, that's why they are a bit wobbly
I also added a bunch of small hooks and tie-downs
The sides of the nose also received ornaments (parchment style)
Ready for rivets!
And the final images with rivets
I like to call it done
Though I will add packs and accessories
once it is in the scene and the troopers are with it.
Speaking of the scene
This is pretty much the set up I have in mind for the scene
I think they look good together.
What do you think?