Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (16)

Well, I guess you all know I love building guns....biiiiiig guns :)

As I'm still fancying the idea of mounting a Siege Cannon, I started to build one.
First I did a rifled barrel

Thanks to Ultramar for his tutorial (

And then I added details

cooling ribs

and rivets

And then I mounted it in the nose of the former jump deck.

When I turn the image upside down, you can see it at maximum depression, firing to the ground.
Cool, isn't it?

It's nice to be working on the ATHENA again :)

Since this is going to be an Imperial vessel acquired by the Inquisition, I'm going to look into using Melta-Torpedoes (Str 8, Ap 3, Ord/Blast/2D6 Armor Pen) from a side mounted launcher tube :-P
Speaking of Inquisition, I think I mentioned that I'm incorporating some Witch Hunters into my guard to help eradicate the Orks on Dencara. I will try to base them on a kind of Dragonslayer theme - just instead of Dragons they kill Orks. Heraldry will possibly be some medevil Knight fighting an Ork.
Anyhow, my Latin is a bit rusty, and I'm not sure how I should name them...the original is the "Officium Draconis" (Office of the Dragonslayers) and I'm not if they should be called:
a) Officium Orkis
b) Officium Orkanum
c) Officium Orkanis
One of you has an idea?