Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dreaming Time

I woke up last night and somehow my thoughts wandered to the GW Prize Draws and the Megaprize of the 5.000 point army of your choice.
Whoooo, how cool would that be (regardless of the chances).
Then I thought about which army I would choose.
Obviously I thought of the IG fist, as it is a modellers dream and leaves sooo much room for customizing and pimping....Kriegs, Titans, all the nice toys...
but wait
Since it is a GW Prize Draw I am relatively sure Frogeword and the Kriegs are out...

OK, still, IG, with the nice tanks, the flyers, heavy tanks, Ogryns...a quite large chice for a good force, and with the new codes, a challenging one too.
What about Orks?
Also a new codes and new models, with the Stompa model and shokk attack guns...yum...warbikers, DeffKopta, buggies...oh so many toys.
But there other armies too, some very attractive from a modellers perspective (mostly mine), but also from a gamers perspective (not really mine).
Daemonhunters with their Grey Knights, Inquisitors, Dreads and Landraiders...tasty
Dark Eldar with their Incubi, Wyches, Warp Beast, and Jetbikes...yummy

So, which army would you choose and why?
I look forward to see the poll and hopefully some comments from you.