Friday, August 28, 2009

End of an Era

After almost 20 years I finally got a proper haircut :-P
Ponytail is gone.
Feels good, and looks good too :)

Well, besides getting a haircut I also worked on the Siege Cannon some more, adding more rivets as well as shielding.

This is the upper shield, before mounted inside the nose

mounted :)

Here you can see the extended jump deck, covering now the full length of the blimps bottom.

Details for one of the new decks walls - this will be the wall for the observer room.

And here is the plotting table in the observer room

Here you can see the plain wall of the observer deck, this will have a huge tilted window, allowing observation of the ground too.

I base coated the observer room black last night (but no photo), so I can do the painting before I continue.