Monday, August 31, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (16)

Finally I can reveal my secret project:

My Ork Multi-Rookitbomb-Launcher Vehicle (MRLV) "Kazushaaah" for the Artillery Contest at Work in Progress :)
It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.
The competition is pretty tough again, so I hope I can end in the forward third of the contest.

Anyhow, I did continue with the ATHENA.
I painted the plotting table

As you can see, I tried to use standard military markers (as I don't have an epic model, or a planetary empire hex handy)

added some highlights

And then I begun construction of the windows - these are the sides

here are the main window panes

and cut

then I base coated them and cut some clear plastic for the actual windows.

The mounting of the windows went pretty well, so there's no visible frosting on it.

And then I mounted them on the side panels

and mounted these on the lower deck.

The lower deck in position :)

Then I added some more ornaments

Since Matt asked, here's how I cut my plasticard.
I use a metal ruler - important is the corc base, that prevents accidential sliding

Then I do a first light cut

which I follow with about another 3-4 cuts (depending on the thickness of the plasticard), then I can bend it

and it snapps apart neatly

When drilling holes, I do them before I cut, and I start each hole with the fine GW drill, then with the next thicker (from left to right) and so on - I only use hand-drills, as power drills tend to get out of (my) control to fast... :-P

And the final ornament, nice industrial, steampunky

Since I did a major goof-up on the nose that I couldn't cover up easily, I decided to add a battle damage that was field repaired.

So this simulates some crude metal patching and riveting that will also be just in a base paint to show it is not original

Well, that's pretty much my update from this weekend :)

Oh, the rest of the evening I spent creating more rivets.... *yawn*