Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (2)

Thanks for your warm welcome back :)
Feels good to be in the hobby again.

But I have to correct you guys, the project so far wasn't a "one night job", but a whole weekend. Started Friday night, had half of Saturday and almost the complete Sunday to work on it.
With sculpting everything takes a bit longer, since I have to take so many breaks for the pieces to cure.
But I'm really glad I didn't start with the ATHENA right away, as I realized yesterday how "stiff" my fingers got over the last 4 months. It is unbelievable how much of the previous natural movements are lost ... I feel quite... blundering.

So todays update is smaller.
I only worked on the Governor last night, adding quite some details.

Purity Seal on the Bolter, some ornaments.

Shield on the back, that will also be acompanied by some new shoulder armor - yes, it will sit on top of the cloack.

Ornaments to the armor plate and a new knee armor.

More ornaments, belt, brooch for the cloak.

Well, I think it will really look great with the additional shoulder armor :)

I'm still completely unsure on his paint scheme. No clue how I'm gonna paint him.
For most other characters I have uniform patterns - the Navy Officer is mostly blue, the guard grunts will get the Dencara striped pattern, the Inquisition characters will be mostly black-red-gold (very traditional), but I have really no clue on the Governor...
Oh well, time will tell :)