Monday, April 26, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (5)

As I mentioned in the last post, I will now tackle the Ork part of the defense diorama.

I took a few days to experiment with this piece - Codename Pinoccio (still have to find a propa Ork name)
Here are the first pieces I did cut.

And when assembled, they are the base of a foot.

With this foot design it is possible to walk over broken terrain and debris.

Attached to a leg.

With knee.

And in comparison to an Ork.
Yes, they look very slim - but at the moment they are only the bones, the skeletton.

I will add lots of armour plates and propa Ork stuff to them.

But for now, it's only the bare bones.

Then I created the basic "hip".
So you can see Pinoccio will be a walker - not as big as a stompa, but larger than a can - maybe like the Mega Dread...

Pretty felxible, isn't he?

Then I started with the basic torso.

Since I want to resemble a basic Ork statue, I took measures of a standard Ork and multiplied it by 7.

In this image the torso is very upright, but that's just for the balance - as all joints are fully functional, it is quite hard to keep it steady enough for a photo :)

I then started to flesh out the torso.

Attached a propa boiler to the rear.

The Dencaran Orks are just as steampunkish as the guard.

The torso, now with a MG gunner, and the left arm.

Again, the arm is fully functional.

Then I created a powa claw for the arm.

As with the legs, the arm itself is just bare bones so far.

But the claw can already hold something...

Most likely it will be a huge chainsaw hammer or axe.
The right arm will have a huge gun, but the diorama, it will be disabled, so in the final showdown, it's the Human defenders against Pinoccio, with a disabled gun, but a huge close attack weapon...
Hopefully I can get the pose convincingly.