Thursday, April 22, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (4)

To add some more flavour and debris I created this Imperial Eagle out of 1.5mm plasticard, and I will place it shattered on the diorama - so that it will look as if it fell off the building front.

Then I mounted the banner - still looks a bit awry, but that's easily fixed.

The Governor received another Purity Seal on the shoulder. I think that completes him.
Any suggestions? anything missing?

The grunt officer received his longer jacket.

Plus the Dencaran standard goggles.

Then I worked some more on the Sister.
I really love it - and from your feedback, this seems to be a very attractive, eye-catching pose.
As you can see, I added some ornaments to the shin armour,
some dirt and debris,

and sculpted the Inquisition symbol on her lap.

With some debris pieces on the base of the brother, I think it is now complete too.

So here is how the Imperial side is looking now.

Looking in from the outside - but this window will be covered by a mural.

I think I will keep the door open, so one can see the cloak of the Governor (if it will be worth looking at once painted).

This side will remain open as it is (but painted :)

Well, this concludes this stage of the diorama, with the main Imperial characters in place.

I will still have to add more rubble and debris as well as casualities, but I will do this once I have the main Ork elements in place.
So look forward to some Orkish updates soon.