Monday, April 26, 2010

Defense of Xantium (6)

Since my wife and I are about to head out for a week of vacation in Spain, I'll squeeze this post in right before hitting the bunk.
As I didn't have to work today, I was able to work some more on the "Pinoccio".

First I started to build the cockpit.

Driver and Mek

I also added some propa exhausts for da engine.

Quad sound :)

Then I started to base paint the cockpit - I don't know how much of it will be visible at the end, but before I can build the "head", I need to have the interior painted.

I only did the base colors before I will ink them thoroughly.

Here they are right after the first inking.

While the ink dried I worked on the legs. Adding armour...the Ork way

I think this now puts the proportions right.

Tons of rivits and teeth

Can't have enough :)

I finally setted on this position, and glued the pistons and joints accordingly.

Here is the crew after the first coat of ink dried.

And while they received another coat of ink, I started with the other leg.


Well that's it - I'll be back May 7th.