Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Callidus Assassin (2)

Hey guys,
I had a family weekend so I didn't complete as much as I usually do.
Today is your last chance to vote for a name (currently Eve = 9 vs Ilse = 8 votes).

Anyhow, here you can see the Assassin after I completed the inking. Really dark, as intended.

Then i started to work out the details and highlights. This is after the first highlights with red and green, as well as some Tin Bizz.

Then I worked on the face.
One of the steps was to apply white for the eyes and theeth.

And then clean it all up, with a dark red for the lips and brown for the eyes.

And after some more work, this is the final Callidus Assassin:

I'm not quite sure where I will position her on the diorama base though...

This position looks OK, but then this part of the scene could be too crowded.

Maybe by herself ...

Well, I'm really not sure.

Most likely I will place her on the other side...

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little update on Eve/Ilse.
C&C welcome and appreciated.