Monday, August 2, 2010

Tiger Team (7)

Sorry for the missing updates, but my stu*** a** bluetooth keyboard burned itself out, and I was without a keyboard for a few days - and typing via mouse with the on-screen keyboard isn't much fun. I can tell you that :)

OK, I finished up the Sniper in the ghillie.

I know it looks as if the rifle is somehow bent or crooked, but if I put a ruler besides it, it is straight...

I'm not sure what it is.

Other than that, I really like the way he turned out.

Then I looked into the Naval uniforms again - Hallo Andreas, das wären 2 gute Beispiele für das Farbschema, oder?

And with that in mind, I started the flight commander, CW4 Odoi.

While the paint dried I was looking into my bits box, mainly to determine what I need to create an Liaison Officer for the 20th Praetorians Draggons Guards (
And in the depth of my bits I found some old Eldar stuff ...
...cockwheels spinning...
...brain ticking...
...what my special forces deep intrusion team needs... an...
...Callidus Assasin!
I mean think about it. A SF team, including a Sniper and an Assasin to spread death and fear in the enemies rear :)
So, I started to assemble various bits and plasticard, and came up with this.

As you can see, I made up the C'tan sword from plasticard,

and the Neural Shredder from various gun bits.

Then it was time for some sculpting, adding armour plates to the tigh, fixing the shoulder, working on the Neural Shredder.

Also an elbow blade (which I cut down later).

In the next round of sculpting I added shoulder armour, some ornaments and puity seals,

and more details to the Neural Shredder.

In between the sculpting sessions I continued with the flight commander CW4 Odoi.

and placed him on the display base,

right besides the Sniper.

Looking good I think :)

During the next sculpting session I added a hood to the assasin,

as well as a lot more details,

buckles and belts.

And here is the status of the assasin as of this morning.

Still missing the lower leg armour for the left leg,

details for the left shoulder armour,

and some small bits and pieces.
But I don't have a name for her yet.
Maybe you guys have a good suggestion for her?
Well, and before I went to bed last night, I started with the basic camo for the officer Commander Hammerfeld.

Well, that was another 41 images update :)
I hope you enjoyed it.
And as mentioned, if you have a name suggestion for the assasin, let me hear it :)