Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tiger Team (9)

Thanks guys.
Well having an Assassin that's half way through a morph would really be a coooooooool project.
**mental note taken**

For right now I will try to go with a kind of blue-ish black as well as some dull black...I'm not sure if any camo would really work, as it would have to be the Dencara red-ish type for the Dencara (Marsian) landscape...I'll have to see how it turns out.
So two votes for Ilse, huh?

@Jason - well I already started some Sisters of Battle - check out some of the images (towards teh bottom of the linked post) for the memebrs of the Order of the Golden Bolter :)

OK, I continued the painting of the other members and here you can see Lt.Commander Obersdorf with his base paints applied.

Since he's on deck and not in the field, he'll have some brass, silver, and gold.

So here he is, right before receiving his first coat of Devlan Mud.

Speaking of Devlan Mud, here is Commander Hammerfeld right after two coats of Devlan Mud and some spots of Grysiphone Sepia.

And this is now the finished paintjob, with details and highlights applied - since he's a Special Forces member, ready of a deep-incursion deployment I wanted him rather dark and dull.

And finally together with Odoi and Marks on the diorama base.

Well, that's it for today.
I hope you like the progress.