Friday, August 6, 2010

Callidus Assassin

Well, I started painting the Assassin - looks as if Ilse will be her name (currently 7:5 votes) .

As mentioned I based the non-armoured parts with a very dark red (almost brown), while I based the armoured plates in a dark blue.

I used a dark green for the Neural Shredder's glass pieces, so I can have some flashes and stuff inside.

The two blades on her back are in brown sheafs, while all belts are based in Charadon Granite.

The wires are in Necron Abyss. Purity Seals paper is based in Commando Khaki and the seals itself in Blood Red.

The other non-armour metal parts (like the necklace, brass knuckles etc) are based in Tin Bizz.

So with this completed she will receive several washes of Badab Black with layers of Asurmen Blue (Armour) and Baal Red (non armour) in between. The face will receive washes with Gryphonne Sepia.
I really hope she'll turn out the way I plan it :)