Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nighthawk (4)

A rather short update today.
I had a very busy weekend with the family and I'm not feeling so good. It looks as if my 16 year old cat is very steadily heading towards the end of her days, which makes me very, very sad.
Today we have another vets appointment...

Oh well.

Still some updates.
I completed the paintjob for the cockpit. Doing all the instruments.
Here the seat of the Gunner/Navigator is glued in place.

The pilots HUD.

Pilots seat and gunners station.

From the front with the HUD visible

and from top.

Then I started to work on the canopy.
The idea is to have a rather stubby nosed canopy, like the Arado AR-240.

So here are the first pieces of clear plasticard in place.

For this I used normal plastic-glue covered with some PVA glue.

I hope this will turn out good.