Friday, September 17, 2010

Nighthawk (6)

Thank you guys for your supportive comments.
Especially Danny; your comment left me crying in the office :-/
I really feel your pain.
Oh well, the injection worked wonders and JoJo is very happy and pretty much her old self right now. She was a lot in the Garden with our other cat Lilly (11 yrs) and both showed the birds who's garden it is :)

So, quite relieved about her condition, I had more energy to work on the STRIX.
I finished the two canopy hatches.

But instead of hinged hatches as I initially intended, I made them like a sliding roof.

For the pilots piece I need some tac to keep it in place, but in the final version it will be glued anyway.

Then I spent some time detailing the hatches, adding rails and frame.

Here you can see the rail and frame in the open position.

With the canopy completed I started to detail the body, adding hatches and stuff.

And then it was time for the rivets...

And finally I could mount the wings :)

There are still some details to do, like the cables and stuff in the fold section of the wings, but other than that it's pretty much done :)