Monday, September 6, 2010

Project Nighthawk (2)

Thanks guys :)

Well, I would really like to use Owl or "Uhu" (Eagle Owl) as name - does anyone have a translation?
I looked into "Clash of the Titans", but the (brass) Owl has no name there ...

Also I am VERY satisfied with the CHARONS rating at CMON - currently at 8.7

OK, on to the "Nighthawk/Owl".
Here you can see how the wings will look in the end.

Well, since this will be the plane on the elevator, it will have its wings folded. So here you can see the wing roots...

and the folded up wingtips.

But of course I don't want the wings to be so thin and flat, so I started to build up some ribs.

and mounted them.

Then I used 0.25mm thin Plasticard and wraped it around. Similarily to the ATHENA I used 2cm wide strips (instead of 1 wide sheet). I have to admit that I'm not 100% satisfied with the result, so the other Nighthawk will have the wing wraped in one sheet.

While the skin on the wings cured, I worked on the engine fans (again using Tommyguns method - ).

Here I started to mount the first engine...

and then I build the housing around it.

I can tell you, this is the model with the most putty and sanding involved EVER!

Somehow the rear exhaust look completely crooked here, but on the model they are straight...

More filling, sanding and smoothening.

And this was the status on Saturday night:
On Sunday my wife was out on a trip, so I had a lot of time - unfortunately she had the camera, so I have no step-by-step images.

First I built the rear fuselage

and here you can also see the 4 autocannons - or machine guns?

The rear fuselage has also flaps - looking at this image I think I have to remount this one, as it looks askew.

Next was the landing gear. Remember that it is a VTOL, so it won't need a heavy duty gear.
I used the tires of a Revel Me110

But the actual gear is scratch built.

As mentioned, I also want to mount two Punishers on the Nighthawk.
Here you can see the two guns, but I need your help deciding if I should really mount them...

I mounted them with Blue Tac, and this is how it will (most likely) look.

I think it will look good.

quite some serious business

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the Punishers on the Nighthawk.

Then I worked on the AA-Hunter-Killer-Missiles.
I used my "drill method" ( ) to create the warheads from an old piece of sprue.

And here you can see the finished missiles together with the wing tip (on which they will be mounted 3ea).

That was a productive weekend and I hope you enjoyed the read.