Thursday, November 4, 2010

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (69)

Thanks guys,
from your feedback it seems that it was the right decission to change the ATHENA all together.
With this settled I immediately started to work on the new bridge and deck layout.
As previously mentioned, I'm looking along the lines of the US Arleigh and the Russian Udaloy Class destroyers.
They do have some nice deck lines.

So I experimented with the turret positions and the layout of the first level.

I think it will look rather good, and it has enough space for the Hydras, the Nemesis', and the landing pad for the Strix.
So, even though I did remove the elevator, I will not go without. I just had to remove the partially sunken elevator - with an elevator that I can later simply outline, I am more flexible than I was with the sunken one.

Since I want to keep it along the original design lines of the ATHENA and the Steampunk theme, I drew some ornaments on .5mm plasticard.

Drilled the holes into them...

...and then cut and glued them to the side walls.

After that I created the portholes, cut from a plasticard-rod.

Not to forget the rivets :)

The first side walls mounted.

Yeah, I think this will look rather good.

Then I created some more ornaments for the forward plate.

and mounted it.

It's gonna have some nice angles towards the front, and will be without portholes or doors.

I'm very pleased with the side view. I think these will be some elegant lines.

The necessary scale shot :)

Eventhough the lines and angles are a bit modern-ish, I still think they fit the ATHENA well, don't you think?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments and suggestions.
BTW, in regards to the weapons discussion, I am considering to have two banks of AA-Missiles, maybe two vertical launchers for Manticore-style missiles, and a main turret with a tripple Earthshaker(?) - this could give her some long-range direct and indirect firepower :)