Monday, November 8, 2010

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (71)

Thanks for your feedback guys.
It's been quite a while since the first post on the ATHENA (22. May 09 - ) and she went through several changes in between.
@fuzzbucket: so you deserted me for a whole month!?! *just kidding*
Well, I hope todays update will prove, that the new bridge won't be as flat as it looks right now and get your approval.

Some of you may remember this group of characters that I did for one of the contests at WIP. The group was called "Morning Briefing"and show two officers being briefed by two NCO's on the current combat situation.
I want to include these guys on the new bridge of the ATHENA.

So I sketched out how the upper deck of the bridge should look like.

Scribbled some measurements down.

And started to cut the roof of the upper level.

Set onto legs to give it the proper height,

so I can evaluate how it will integrate into the outline of the ship.

Then I realized I miscalculated the side walls, so I had to do some more cutting.

Better :)

Then I started with the side wall, which contains a window for the briefing room.

I always have some clear plastic at thand that i can use for windows.

Here you can see the mounted window and the ornamented frame.

But such large windows are not the best to have on a combat ship, are they? That's why I added the rails seen in the previous images. In order to protect the conference room during combat operations, I build some armored shutters that will be on these rails.

This is how they look in position.

Rivets and details added.

Doors for the bridge.

Now the bridge has two doors in the rear wall - protected from wind and rain.

The frontal view.

And the beginning of the frontal plate.

And its look from the side.

Then I sketched out the windows and ornaments.

The ornament is cut from .5mm plasticard,

and mounted to the frontal plate.

I think this looks quite nice,

and in harmony to the lower level of the bridge.

Next I started the side walls to the bridge.

With windows and ornaments.

And together with the two Hydras, it begins to look impressive :)

To the other side wall I added some patched-up damage.

More patches for that side.

I'm quite satisfied how the new bridge comes along.

On Sunday then I began to work on the glass roof for the conference room.

Again adding rails for a shutter.

The shutter in the closed position,

and open :)

Such a large piece of armour needs some ornamentation, doesn' it?
How about an Imperial Eagle?

Looks cool.

Next was the actual glass as well as the frame ornament.

Everything in place.

As last piece last night, I built a small access ladder to the upper roof.

I hope you like it, and I look forward to your comments, feedback, and suggestions.