Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Change of plans!

"Oh noes!" some of you may cry :)

Yeah, I admit, currently I have a hard time concetrating on my projects and finishing them up. But I think this change of plan will find your approval :)

So, lets see why.
As I stated in my last post, I wanted to experiment with OSL (Object Source Lighting) for the Ork mole.
However, I am not very pleased with the results:

It is not yet convincing.

I think I need to use stronger colours and deeper shadows - and I need to paint during day time, so that my overhead lamp doens't give me false impressions and colours.
This means I have to experiment a lot and try different things.
I will do so, but not non-stop and not daily.

So what's the cange of plans then?

Well, the re-design of the ATHENA!
She's back on my desk :)
I hope to hear some happy cries and see some dances through the internet :D

As discussed I am no longer satisfied with the "Aircraft Carrier" idea. The reason is simply scale.
If I was to make her a "plausable" carrier, she'd have to be a lot bigger - even with VTOL aircraft.
So lets take another walk around her hull and upper deck - I have already put the "island" aside.

Hull side view with all weapons mounted.

Here you can see the Gatling/missile launcher combo beneath the jump deck.

Front view with the quad-Las canons, the twin auto-cannon, and the huge Siege cannon.

The torpedo launchers.

The rear propellers and twin AC's.

And here are the two Hydras as well as the Nemesis Close-In Weapons System.
And the STRIX on its elevator.

Looking back at my original plans you can see the ATHENA was not designed as a real carrier - but I got carried away while building *grin*

So what purpose should she serve then?
Her main task will be to support ground attacks by delivering massive firepower and at the same time either establish air-superiority or at least defend herself against any aerial attacks.
For the ground attack role she currently has:
  • Siege Cannon
  • 2x Mk XV Imperial Torpedo Launcher with Mk VIII Draconis Melta Torpedoes
  • 2x Quad Las-Cannons
  • Missile/punisher combo
  • multiple rocket launcher
  • 2x 500lbs Bomb racks

For Air Defense she currently has:

  • 2 Hydra turrets
  • Nemesis CIWS
  • 4 twin Autocannons
  • 4 twin Machine Guns (they were mounted on the island, and I will re-use them)
  • STIX Interceptor VTOL
From a pure space point of view, the weapons arrangement could look like this.

So I decided to "open her up" again, and removed the entire deck.

One of the reasion for this is that I no longer need the elevator, but I may be able to use it as a display piece for the STRIX...

A new sheet of plasticard on the rear.

This layout gives me a good 30 cm for the actual bridge area (on which I want to mount the two Hydras and TWO Nemesis turrets), as well as it gives me room for another big turret - symbolized by the wooden box.

So what do you think?

What kind of weapon should I use for this large forward turret? Any more weapons that would be plausable or neccessary?
Well, let me know :)
Thanks for reading