Monday, April 18, 2011

Nighthawk (8)

Thanks guys :)
I must admit it is fun to be back on this project and I realized over the weekend, from some angles the NIGHTHAWK looks really stunning :)
In regards to mass-production I must say, there are currently too many angles and small pieces to be really suitable for mass produciton. But when I started the project I did have a second NIGHTHAWK - already lifting off from the deck of the ATHENA - in mind. So I *may* look into improving the design and make it easier to "template-ize" ... we'll see.

Over the last view days I continued with Amilia and the Navigator.

Here you can see her shiny new belt buckle :)

The Navigator got some fur on the sleeve and nice knee pads.

The new tigh armor on Amelia.

And finally the knee pads.

The Navigator received several straps and belts, cables for the mechanical arm.

A fur collar and boots.

Now these two are complete.

So now it's time to think about a nice paint scheme for the STRIX. For this I looked into my old and trusted "Complete book of World War II Combat Aircraft".

As you can see from my hand, that's a mightly large volume ;-)

This is one design I fancy. Pretty simple, but IMHO with a nice effect.

Or I may go for the night fighter/interceptor pattern and use the "Black Widow" as base.

Would also be a nice twist with the female pilot to have a black widow, as well as a nice "Lady in the Dark" slogan on it, wouldn' it?

Also I like this little symbol on the fuselage of this Japanese Kawasaki plane...

I may steal it :)

Well, speaking of books.

My copy of the CMON Annual 2009 finally arrived.

It is a great book with many very talented artists in it.

And I have to admit I'm mighty proud to be part :)

So, you can find me, or rather the ZEUS, on page 80 :)

It is really a nice book with some excellent pieces in it.

Thanks for reading.

As usual C&C welcome and apreciated.