Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello all, sorry for the lack of updates. I'm still alive and well, but real live(TM) keeps me very busy and work is very demanding these days. But as said, we are all well. Teddy, despite being terminaly sick, is enjoying his days. And whenever he can he really relaxes.
I think he feels very compfortable

and safe with us.

He's just such a cutie!

Well, I did work a bit on 40K stuff, but unfortunately not on Hellsryche. The guys at Ammobunker are having a competition "Kill Shot" - I just couldn't resist.

So I went through my Space Marine bits...

...selected a few...

...and assembled a Marine.

Well, a bit more than simply assembled...

...and some converting too,

but I think he really looks cool :)

A nice little base.
A sculpted muzzle flash...

...and some old friends.

I think this will be a good piece :)

Again, my appologies for the long absence.

I realize that I'm very "jumpy" with my projects these days and have a hard time finishing them, unless they are for a competition with a deadline...

I hope I can counter this trend and go back and finish some of my non-competiton pieces ... but I have two more projects in the back of my head, that demand attention - lets see how long I can resist these ;-)

Thanks for reading