Friday, April 15, 2011

Project Nighthawk (7)

Thanks guys :) I realize I sounded quite like whining about the CMON voting.

It wasn't intended. To me it's just a mystery how some of the scoring happens :)

I put the image in, with my initial rating of 8, and after the first 25 votes it dropped to 6.5. So there must have been quite some very low votes...but that's CMON for you :)

In the meantime I had a short visit from my nephew Florian, and we chatted a bit, looked at some of the models, complete and incomplete.

And I realized, there are quite some nice projects not yet finished.

While it's still not the ATHENA, I think I'm getting closer *wink*

So I decided to give the STRIX another go. First I mounted the Punisher Cannons and the AA-Missiles, as well as adding some details to the wing joints.

And then I figured, for a proper diorama I need some pilots, don't I?

And looking at my old ideas and scetches, I had a female pilot planned.

So I used some old Dark Eldar bits, and mixed them with IG bits.

This will be the gunner, with an artificial eye and mechanical arm.

This is after the first round of Greenstuff on Monday.

And four days later she looks like this:

Still a lot to do.

A bit Amelia Earhart :)

The gunner also received a proper mechanical hand to his arm.

I hope you like it :)