Monday, February 10, 2014

Pollux and Castor (1)

I decided to name the two walkers Pollux and Castor - the two brothers from Greek mythology.
First thing was to build POLLUX's carapace, using the same template as for CASTOR.
With some of the lessons learned on the first built, it went together quite smooth.
While the carapace cured I started the "close combat" weapon for CASTOR.
Its a huge sword.
Do we have something like this in the WH40K arsenal?
A huge power blade?
I think it looks good :)
CASTOR with the sword and the left arm that will take the long range weapon (maybe a Bolter?) and POLLUX with his carapace.
POLLUX's close combat weapon will be a huge fist with a flamethrower in the palm :)
Fingers attached.
and the arm mounted (with quick tac).
What do you think?
What should be the ranged weapons for POLLUX and CASTOR?