Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pollux and Castor (3)

Hi all,
thanks for your great feedback.

I read several comments about the roundness, lankiness, tube-style of the extremities. 
Apparently I missed to mention that these are just the bones, the skeleton. As soon as I'm done with the basic build, tubes and hoses I will add armor plates.
This will bulk up the features and add the imperial box style.

Actually I was intending to give the two Knights a face like feature with the lights, but it seems that's not well appreciated with you :)
So I will try something different (though no final decision yet).
Some of your feedback suggested to try a lights-MG combo for the chin.
So this is what I tried yesterday. Its a twin mount for the MG and the central light, accompanied by two sensor lenses left and right.
Looks pretty good.
Today's question is to mount them to the front or rear of the chin.
Version A (rear)
Version B (front)
So what do you think?
So is this central chin version better than the other "facial" versions?
If so, which one is better - front of the chin or further back?
Thanks I look forward to your C&C and suggestions.