Thursday, February 6, 2014

Walkers next...? (pic heavy)

Hi all,

housekeeping first :)

@Chris Porche - Thanks :) Yes, these are Hirst Arts - I LOVE these molds. They are worth their price in gold :)

@Malevengion, Arteides127, Da Masta Cheef - thanks Mates!
Yes, if the POLEMOS will make it to market, you'll be the firsts to know.

On to something new then, shall we?
During the building of "Ghosts in the Rubble" Fireball at "Work in Progress" wrote:
allright, now you'll add 3 more of these displays, join them and then you'll have your entry for this year's GW 'Army on Parade'...
To which I replied:
@Fireball - I like your idea, but I have a hard time figuring how to include this dio. It is pretty centralized. If I was to continue to the left or right, it would show Orks - on the left in the opposite building, on the right on the street.
A scene "behind" this scene wouldn't really be visible....
For an "Army on Parade" scene I'd have to think of something else..
and his suggestion:
Well, your guys could be on the way to a crashed imperial Dropship. That way, you could have 2 fighting scenes and be able to build another big fat giant Dropship, yay! Nah, i know what you mean and i wasn't that serious when i dropped that idea wink.gif
Even if he wasn't serious this idea got stuck!
It is really tempting to try something like this - even though I will never enter a "Army on Parade" contest, but the idea of some (more or less) linked diorama scenes is something I really want to try.
So what kind of other fights could be happening in this Ork infested town?
Who would the Imperium send to rescue a crashed (say) Ambassador?

In the descriptive text for "Ghosts in the Rubble" I already mentioned "KG von Domm" which leaves me all the flexibility I can have. In a Kampfgruppe I can throw whatever I like (or rather what's available).

Hmm, I have a new urban combat vehicle, I have troopers in urban uniforms, what else can I throw into the mix?
My personal nemesis...

Some of you may realize that so far I haven't successfully built a walker for the IG.
I do have some Ork walkers, like
Boz 'o da Dakka....
or even the mini-titan "Green Minnah"
But nothing really for the IG.
The only thing that comes close were these IG walkers I based on Kinder eggs....
Well, they weren't really bad.
Maybe I should try to re-build a walker along these lines?

So I tried.
The basic frame from plastic card
Some more plastic card to wrap around....
Looks a bit like a tiny Zeppelin :)
Lets see about some legs then....
The pose is OK, but .... no.

It simply wouldn't fit the "Ghosts in the Rubble".
So lets try something more...substantial :)

OK, THIS looks like a substantial shank :)
And a slender little foot :)
OK, so the typical chicken-leg style then....
Climbing over some rubble or debris.
Well, not a small walker for sure.
Though not a Titan, but at least a heavy walker I'd say.
Once the legs were glued in position I started with the body platform.
And the base for the cockpit.
I want it to be rotatable like a head.
Then some kind of engine stuff.... :)
And shoulders.
Next I created a little cardboard mock-up for the body.
With this as template it was rather easy to cut the necessary plastic card pieces.
Of course its not glued in position, so it looks a bit wobbly...
Some steampunk ornaments for the rear....
And a "fender" on the side.
Please note the legs and hips will get armor plates of their own - so this "fender" is just an additional piece.
Some more substance for the rear
And for the scene I have in mind (still a bit secret) the walker needs a rocket launcher.
With rockets :)
The process so far convinced me that this could work out I may finally have a good concept for an Imperial walker.
But for the scene I will need at least two...
And once you know how its done, the second is a lot easier :)
And he's a free standing one too!
Different pose though.
Two brothers :)
Looks like these two will put up a decent fight against the Orks.
What do you think?