Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pollux and Castor (2)

Good morning!
During the initial design phase I planned to add some Machine Guns/Stubbers to the cockpit/head.
So I quickly built 4 MG.
However, when mounting them I wasn't really convinced.
What do you think? Too much?
Or maybe an alternative position?
Would the MG further back on the side or even under the chin look better?
Or should I remove them completely?
I recall someone asking me what kind of balls I use for the joints.
They are pretty no-name wooden beads 12mm - I got them in a local hobby store.
After I put the MG to the side to see what your feedback will point me to, I began to work on the ranged weapons.
I decided to give CASTOR some twin-linked Lascannons. 
A rather simple mount, with an extra central sight.
POLLUX' multi-purpose power fist with the flame-thrower also received a small belt fed bolter.
Truly multi-purpose :)
For his right side he's getting something bigger.
It is a special low-velocity drum fed Grenade Launcher.
With its 9-shot magazine it can dish out some devastating fire. The 80mm grenades with High Explosive warheads have a large blast radius and are excellent anti-personnel weapons - speak Ork Splatterer :)
Before I will apply armor to the arms and legs I started to add cables and hydraulic hoses.
And here's the final question for you :)
I want to add lights - like I used on the PONOS and POLEMOS.
Which version looks best?
Version A
Version B
Version C
Version D
Version E
So what do you think?
I look forward to your feedback on the machine-guns and on the lights.