Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Meeting of Scouts (1)

Hi all,
as mentioned in my last post, I was planning to participate in the "Big Spring Contest" over at Scale Model Addict (SMA).

The contest started on April 1st and the overall theme is "Restored and Repaired".
So for this I plan to do a diorama with two scout vehicles meeting (maybe at a cross-roads) and one has to undergo repairs.
That's the basic idea.

I've been playing around with this idea for a while and remembered this WWII image of a Panzer IV with a thrown track.

Like with the EPIALES I will use the suspension, road wheels and tracks of a T-54 (thanks to "baynerd" for donating the kit).
Pretty much the only pieces I will use from the kit.
I have always fancied the French AMX-13. Such a cool vehicle - kinda cute :)
So I based my plans loosely on it, but adjusted it to my PONOS/EPIALES family.
It is lower and shorter than its sibling.
The hull itself has pretty much the same width - and needed just as much Putty as the EPIALES :)
Here I already drilled the holes for the suspension and the mount for the drive wheel.
Lots of sanding later.
The suspension mounted.
And the wheels dry fitted.
Family snapshot!
The name of the vehicle will be PHRIKE, which is the ancient Greek Spirit of Horror and Trembling Fear.
Other than the PONOS, POLEMOS and EPIALES the PHRIKE has no troop compartment and the engine is front mounted. So the hull layout is rather different, but I tried to reuse many design elements like the stubby nose, drivers position, the "fenders" and the shape of the rear.
One problem with the front mounted engine is the access hatches and the cross-bar the the vehicle family has.
I tried to picture it open, during the scene, but didn't really fancy it.
I will model it closed.
But first it was putty time again.
After another sanding session I built a exhaust grill at the rear - yes, engine in front, but for better signature suppression all exhausts are routed (and maybe cooled) to the rear for one central exhaust...
And with the wheels mounted, the hull is basically done (sans all the details and rivets - lol)
Next I started the turret - which will be AMX-13 inspired (hopefully).
Lots of round stuff - not the easiest to scratch build.
After the round base I mounted the straight sides.
Then the angled front plate.
And finally the round front armor.
Even with all the putty it looks nice.
While the putty cured I built the auto-cannon.
And mounted it in the turret.
As you can see I will also use the hatches of the T-54 (like I did with the EPIALES).
Another nice piece is the searchlight - mounted :)
And finally I started to mount some sights - and on the rear left corner of the turret a sights mount that can by hydraulically raised (i.e. above a cover).
That's as far as I got.
I think I'm pretty good in plan and the PHRIKE is progressing nicely.
BTW, the other vehicle will be based on the British FOX Armoured Car.

So, what do you think?
Do you like today's update?
I look forward to your comments, suggestions and feedback.