Friday, April 29, 2016

A Meeting of Scouts (6)

Hi all,

just a small paint update.

Here you can see the base with the pigments - before varnish.
With the base mostly done, I started the vehicles. Since the scouts will operate outside any of the major settlements they will not receive the urban camo I used on the POLEMOS and EPIALES, but rather the standard Tiger Flash used on the HERCULES and PONOS.
For this I started with the "Terracotta" base color.
Then I added the "Ocre" flash stripes.
And inlined them with the "Mahagony" stripes.
After the basic camo they received the tripple-dot patterns (light and dark), the canvas tarps were painted in a light brown color, the camo nets got a pattern and I painted the vision ports and some of the lights in blue.
That's as far as I got.
Next are the sights in red, black on the roadwheel rubber, the Smoke Launchers, and the tracks.
So what do you think?