Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Meeting of Scouts (5)

Hi all,
A bit of time passed since the last update.
But I was able to complete the build-phase for this dio.

I created the vision ports for the KAIROS,
as well as the sights and lights.
And mounted them - for this I had to remove the smoke launchers on the fenders again, as they were firing into the headlights *lol*
Here you can also see the new mount for the sensor platform.
I think it looks better now.
Both vehicles completed.
So I started to work on the crew. I recently received a bunch of Catachan legs, which I think are perfect for tankers.
Together with the Mad Robot Flak Vest Torsos (https://madrobotminiatures.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=9_14&products_id=102), they are just what I needed.
With the crew settled, I started the diorama base. As usual I used "Molto-Fill Compact" as I can manipulated it pretty well during curing and I can ensure to have nice cracks.
I also used my Hirst Arts brick molds with Stewalin to create the bricks for the caravansary.
Here you can see the front wall.
As envisioned, the base has some nice cracks - it is relatively easy, when the top of the mass is starting to cure and getting solid, while the deeper mass is still a bit liquid to manipulate the top and create cracks.
With the vehicles and crew in position.
And with the caravansary erected.
Next I carved the patterns and cobblestone into the base,
and then applied dirt and debris.
Finally I added some more details, like the straps for the tarps and nets.
The TC got a nice mustache :)
I added the cable to pull the track.
Some more personal equipment for the TC.
Almost there.
After watching another Star Wars trailer I was tempted to add a BB-8 droid, but couldn't come up with a convincing (WH40K)design.
So I decided to use one of the Raging Heroes mascots and modify it to fit the scene :)
Everybody ready for priming.
Re-arranged the desk for painting.
And started with the base.
First were the base colors,
then some hefty washes,
and finally pigments to represent the Martian-style landscape of Dencara V.
Well, this is as far as I got.
What do you think? Anything still missing?