Friday, July 1, 2016

ATHENA Steampunk Airship (113)

Hi all,
thank you for the feedback and comments :)

Progress is slow right now and this is just a little update.
I was able to finish Felicitas zu Hammerstein last night. 
She's the visiting VIP on the ATHENA deck.
I think the colors work pretty good.
Yes, it's a bit of black-red-gold ;-)
I also finished the Piper last night.
Amazing to see how plump those WH40K models are when you compare them to the TGG and Eisenkern models.
After the washes the tartan pattern is tones down, but still visible.
I hope he'll look good on the ATHENA.
Well, last not least I worked a bit on her entourage.
These guys still need some love and I'm considering adding the golden griffin to the shoulder pads.
But other than that, I think I won't add any other details, or should I?
I hope you like today's update.