Thursday, July 21, 2016

HERMES MkII Air Assault (2)

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The build of the HERMES continued over the last few days, and I think I made good progress.
First I added the intake fan.


Then the first armor panels and the front grill.

More panels.

After that I started to build up the passenger pod.


Fits snugly under the body.

Other than the VIP pod, this one has sliding doors.



As Malevengion commented:
One thing I wonder about the HERMES design is how is it intended to maneuver? It's got plenty of thrust and vectored thrust nozzles for VTOL capability but seems a bit light on control surfaces. Of course, it's a bit of a roar in there and cause carnage sort of aircraft so it works (and it's looking good too!) but that's just my take. I look forward to seeing this diorama come along!
Maneuver? We're Imperial Guard! We only go straight! And we're only going forward 'cause we can't find reverse :)

Just kidding.
I added some flaps to the fins (top and side) that should allow some additional maneuver force to the various thrusters.

With most of the inside completed I worked on the passenger pod.
First was the bench.

GreenStuff for the cushions.

And some holders for the seats (in open position).

Mounted together with some grab handles.

Almost done!
Still needs the lights and a million of rivets :)

I really like this version of the HERMES.
What do you think?