Tuesday, July 19, 2016

HERMES MkII Air Assault (1)

Hi all,
thank you for the feedback!

Feels funny to be finally done with the ATHENA.
I have a collage up at Coolminiornot:
the score is OK so far.

As previously mentioned I have an idea for a dio with a militarized version of the HERMES conducting an air assault and dropping off some troops.
The first sketch for the MkII version shows the new nose and the chin mounted mini-gun.
I had the mini-gun already built a few weeks ago for the "Meeting of Scouts" diorama but didn't use it. So now it will be a part of the new HERMES.
Since the pieces are almost identical to the original HERMES the build was pretty fast.
Here's a comparison between the MkI and MkII
Next up were the wings and rotatable fins.
As usual the generous help of Green Putty was required :)
I changed the details a bit and here you can see the rear fin being rotated to a "forward" position, while the front fin is rotated to the "landing" position.
But for the diorama both will be in the landing position.
The MkII also received two auto-cannons for the wings.
The start of the rear/main thruster.
Not exactly the same as on the MkI
But looks similar :)
Then I built the thrusters for the nose and underbelly
But they were too high - not looking good!
So I built another set of thrusters and they are now the same height as the MkI HERMES.
Next I added some details to the chin gun - mainly the ammo feed.
The pilots windows are also a bit different form the original ones.
Finally I built some rocket launchers for under the wings.
Only 7 shots each, but a nice extra punch I think.
And they look good on the HERMES.
This is as far as I got :)
I hope you like it.