Tuesday, July 26, 2016

HERMES MkII Air Assault (3)

Hi all,

thank you for your feedback and comments.

In my part of Germany the summer is very hot and very humid - murky - and we have quite a lot thunderstorms.
One could say Germany now has "rainy season".
It makes working and live a bit exhausting, breaking sweat just by moving a finger :P

But I got to work a bit more on the HERMES.
I started off with cutting the wood to the base size (30x30cm).
Then I built up the mountain on which the air assault is to happe´n.
I used Styrofoam as base.
And covered everything up with cheap masking tape.
I want it to look as if the HERMES is hovering above ground while unloading the troops.
Once satisfied with everything I covered it with instant plaster.
And while the plaster was still wet I added sand and little rocks. The sand is standard bird cage sand and some small black deco rocks.
The HERMES on the cured mountain section.
While the plaster cured I started to build some assault rifles and dismantled heavy weapons.
You can see I folded the tripod for the heavy Bolter and mounted the bi-pod for the mortar to the tube in a folded position.
Next I started to position the troops.
As you can see there's still a lot to do, much, much cleanup.
What do you think so far?