Thursday, February 9, 2017

Allayah & Barduch (4) - was the Hunting Beast

Hi all,
as you can see by the title I finally settled on the names for the two protagonists.
The Dragon is Barduch and the girls is Allayah.

I started working on the armor for her left arm.
But the hair topic kept going around in my head.
@ Malevengion - wow! that's a brilliant idea. I will try the tentacles/Medusa hair!

So here are some quick experiments for Allayah's hair.

A- tentacles
This is an ides inspired by the Star Wars Ashoka Tano, a Togruta Jedi.
B - Medusa
Well, yes, Medusa or Gorgon inspired. The individual strands would be snakes.
C - Dragon
Large horns, similar to the horns that Barduch is sporting.
D - Demon
Two large horns like on a demon.
E- Plate
This would be a horn plate with supporting ribs looking like a crown.
F - Five Braids
This would be 5 thick braids, a bit like tentacles ending in a thick pigtail
G - Three braids
Similar to F, but only 3...
H - Ponytail
Well, just that, a bald head with only a ponytail on the end.
I - Iroquois
Not sure if it would be hair, skin, or some kind of horn stuff, but formed like a Mohawk
Looks a bit like an 80's punk
J - swept back horns
Again 2 large horns, but swept back and aligned with the form of the head
K - more horns
Again 2 swept back horns, but at a different angle...
L - Spikes
A set of horn spikes arranged like a crown.
M - Sepia
Three tentacles closely following the contours of the head and ending like on a Sepia.
N - Princess
a diadem, horn?
Now I REALLY need your help!
Which one looks best - or do you have another idea?
Please let me know.
You can also use the poll on the side.