Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Allayah & Barduch (5)

Hi all,
thank you for your feedback.
Unfortunately I didn't get as many responses as I hoped for, but there is still time :)

Gathering the votes from the poll, the comments, and the forums we have 5 favourites.
Tentacles = 3 votes
Medusa = 3 votes
Dragon = 4 votes
Demon = 3 votes
Five Braids = 3 votes
all others have 0 or 1 vote

So currently "Demon" has most votes. I still have some work on her equipment and armour, so I keep the vote open for about a week or so.

Other than that I slowly worked on her clothes and equipment.
First she got one sleeve on the right arm, with a scale pattern.
Once that was cured she got some shoulder armour, suspenders for her legs, and fringes for the jacket.
Buckles for the boot straps
A collar, right lower arm armor, belt, feather ornament, some chains, and a shoulder strap for a bag.
Two straps on her leg to mount a dagger.
Speaking of the dagger, here is the initial piece of plastic.
Some more straps, chains, and ornaments.
And the first details for the dagger.
What do you think?
Anything missing, any suggestions or ideas?
Please feel free to comment - and if you haven't, vote for the hairstyle ;)
Thank you!