Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Hi all,
thank you for your feedback and comments!

Well, since the last update I added intake vents to the side engines.
As well as exhaust jets/grills
Finally I added two auto-cannons as well as hatches and maneuver flaps.
And this is how it will look in the diorama scene.
Well, I didn't want to reveal it yet, but yes, I plan to build a quad actually.
A quad, loaded with ammo and (dismantled) heavy weapons. Ready to come down the ramp :)
What I had not touched so far was the rear.
Typically the exhausts jets for the HERMES are round, but I think for this size flyer with VTOL capabilities I probably need something different.
So I go more for a spaceship (Ion?) engine...
Built with L-shaped profiles
Cool, eh?
 Not sure if any kind of rudder or flaps make sense - what do you think?
Another thing I wanted to try was paneling (as this gives tremendous opportunity for weathering)
I think this will work, don't you?
Next on the list were the two hatches with machine gun mount (the taped strip is just to support the mounts while curing)

Since the two hatches are in front of the cockpit window, I made them with a flat, sideways opening.

And they need machine guns too.

The 3 MG mounted.

 Then it was time to complete the paneling for that side.

And here is now an idea I was hiding so far:

If everything goes to plan, the THANATOS will sit in the diorama like this.

And while the troopers disembark and engage the enemy (Orks as usual)

 We can all take a look inside and see what is happening there.

Even though the one side engine would partially block the view

It would still allow a view of most of the action.

IF I can pull it through :D

And here are the individual sections of the THANATOS

 Oh, and I could also allow a glimpse at the gunner position here

 or keep it closed.

OK, here I am after 3 weeks of building.
What do you think?
Any suggestions? What about the maneuver flaps for the engines, or the paneling?