Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Hi all,
thank you for your comments and feedback!

Since the last update I completed the paneling of the left side of the THANATOS
For the interior details I built a "reactor" to power the ship.
And designed an engineering room for it.
It is removable for detailing and painting.
But it fits neatly into the section.

Even though much of it will be covered by the side engine, I feel better with this section in place
Another section I wasn't very pleased with was the rear section of the superstructure 
So besides the top thruster I added some more panels
and I think this works better now.
To complete the interior details I still had to do the passenger bays ceiling.
You may be able to see that I added clear plastic card to the center allowing me the option to add LED lights if I should fancy it :)
Tie-downs and rails complete the interior here.
Another item on my to-do-list was the visible machine-gun position.
I opted for a blast door to the troop compartment and a vertically adjustable platform
But I can still close it seamlessly.
And finally I worked on the "bridge".
Any reputable bridge needs a captains chair, right?
Though pretty cramped this could work.
But a captain needs some displays to look at. Since the wall ahead is taken by an access door, I'm trying to add a display to the chair.
What do you think?
Will this work?
This is as far as I got.
Week 4 of the project.