Friday, August 11, 2017


Hi all,
well, this week's progress was rather slow.

One of the things I still need to solve with the planned "cut-open" diorama is the landing gear.
It looks good on the closed side,
but on the open side....
I could just leave the skids....
But I guess in the end I will just not have the landing gear on the open side.
 Any ideas or suggestions?

From the plan and layout the scene will look like this.
With the Eisenkerns in the lead and the Scions following.

You may recall I mentioned a quad that I'd like to add as a ammo carrier and maybe even support vehicle.
Maybe like the US MV700 and MV850 quads

So I looked through my stash to find suitable wheels.
In the end I decided to use 1:48 T-34 road wheels, pimped with milliput.
Not the best wheels, but they'll do the job (I hope).
To be honest, I'm somehow operating completely in the dark when it comes to this quad. I took me forever to just get the simplest of starts.
In the end I used a motorcycle tank and saddle from a WWII German Z√ľndap
The build is very slow as I add and remove things time and again.
I think the basic rear is now OK
and it would fit into the THANATOS passenger bay.
It took me two evenings to get a half-way decent front.
I think I can live with that one...
Well, week 5 is almost over and compared to the previous weeks the build slowed considerably, but I hope once I'm past the basic quad design I can pick up pace again.
Any ideas or suggestions?