Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Hi all,
thank you for your feedback and suggestions!
I really appreciate you participating :)

So I finished the Dencara Tauros, by adding camouflage netting and all the other little details.
I am quite pleased with the result.
And it fits into the passenger bay.
hehe :)

Well, this ain't old-fashioned programming, this is rivet making.
While recovering from rivet making I started to figure out the actual scene.
Here you can see where I envision the light to spill....
Hmm, maybe a round base?
While tinkering with these ideas (and it was at night, so I couldn't use the saw) I continued with details.
Like creating the lights and sights for the turret.
The next day I cut half of the wooden plate rectangular and the other half to a circle - so I still have the option to select either.
Then I positioned the troopers
After the initial positioning I decided I need an officer leading - this is an interesting mix of Eisenkern Valkir and Imperial Scion parts - and honestly, I love how the guy turned out!
I also added a flame trooper - for the sheer effect of a flame thrower at night :D
And another heavy Eisenkern with a "big gun".
So, please take a look at the composition.
Is it too static, would you position differently?
What are your thoughts here?

Right now I'm going with the idea of the round base and started to cover it in instant plaster.
And positioned the ship on it (also to leave impression marks on the ground).
And this is where I am now.
Please let me know what you think.
I look forward to your feedback!